Hello Esther,

Can you hear me? 

Are you alive? 

the Facebook comment I stupidly left on your wall during the fasting period



Cultural (albeit, in my opinion, subpar) Variation of Donuts

I’ve thought about this extensively, because seeing knock-off donuts in Gregg’s display windows bothered me so much. Went to St. Nick’s market today and dropped by the local donut stall. But after thinking, my mind is at peace, because it finally clicked:

British donuts: best described as lightly sweetened, cake-like bread

  • typically jam-filled and sugar-coated
  • soft both inside and outside
  • limited to glazed rings or twists and jam-filled
  • served at room temp aka cold

American donuts: best described as fry and glaze everything

  • commonly glazed, or maybe sugared
  • slight crunch on the outside from the breaking of the glaze or fried goodliness common of an apple fritter, fluffy inside
  • unending possibilities
  • donut holes are a thing
  • served warm. ALWAYS. SERVED. WARM. 

It’s not that their donuts aren’t tasty. I just can’t fathom why they’d want to serve them cold…they serve their baguettes warm.




I had left California with such a sweet set of memories that bouts of disappointment were inevitable. Like, when you’re in line to chat up the recruiter at a career fair, but the girl in front of you ends up talking to him for 15 minutes, rather than the usual 5, and she walks away with his LinkedIn info, and your turn comes up, and you grin painfully as you realize, there’s just no way you can do better. True story. #TrueStory

Fortunately, a good thing doesn’t have to end and I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who’ve checked up on me with a quick Facebook message or (my favorite) a lengthy email. Truly, one of the greatest things about being abroad is being remembered.

A few of my favorite emails, before traveling begins -

It’s now 5:51 and this guy is still on the same test sigh. Boss man says he works at pandora! THEN WHY CAN’T HE STARE AT A COMPUTER AND PUNCH KEYS FASTER HUH, MR PANDORA MAN. THUMBS DOWN, SKIP TO NEXT ONE.

OH, how’s your knee by the way? I prayed for you! and i also had a dream about you and your knee…

i was literally like did she just copy paste my email…??? cause i feel the EXACT same thing!

he insisted that he hold the grocery basket for me and i realized i wanna marry someone who will insist that he hold the grocery basket for me. that is all

God’s been really good to me Christine. I love the Lord so much. I’ve never been tested more than this, but I’ve also never felt closer to God than this. 

now go and continue to explore, not only the world, but yourself and others. and learn much. much learn.

This is weird and I promise you I don’t make a habit of this, but I just had a dream about you visiting Berkeley.

So I started asking God what the heck it meant for something like, even celebrating my birthday, to be all about Him. And He showed me on my birthday, not in rebuke or anything, but in love, how much He loves me. And it was all about Him. 

Dear Christine, 
Oh how I wish I could give you a hug.

but weirdly, i feel as if this upcoming semester will be one full of outpourings and blessings and i already feel it, and i don’t know why He gives and i feel so guilty, but He’s giving so much, and i will open my hands and receive gratefully. because now i know better than to close my hands into tight fists.

Thank you for the unending love and encouragement and entertaining stories! I leave for my eurotrip soon (this Monday!) and as excited as I am, could you all please pray that I stop losing stuff?