"You’re open and you relate to people easily, making you a more vulnerable person." - My boss.


Anonymous said: Do you think there were people MADE to go to hell?


No way. Hell wasn’t even made for people. It was made for Satan and his works. 

God desires that absolutely no one perishes. 

People get dragged to destruction by their own sin. The only way to cut ties with evil before it’s too late is to be set free by the Son of God. All who believe on Jesus and follow His commands will be saved.

The cancer of sin can be cut out before it’s too late to do anything about it. Hurry!!

I love the candidness of his answer aha

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Childish indulging today

  • Slept horizontally
  • Treated to brownies, after exclaiming about the treats while we were ordering
  • No seat belts
  • Car conversations with one of the COOLEST women I’ve met
  • New places to explore
  • Easily said comments that actually feel like the world’s greatest compliments